Friday, 27 June 2014

BIBC Championships Day 2

Day 2 of the Championships and the programme may potentially be thrown into chaos today for two reasons. Martin McHugh from Ireland keeps winning! He has qualified through to the final of the Singles due to be played this afternoon but is also playing in the Pairs Semi-Final this morning and of course if he wins he will have another final to schedule, most likely this evening.

All of this is very dependent on the Weather. The forecast is dire and already we have had a couple of big downpours and a 30 minute delay to play when the green was awash. In this situation the BIBC impose a 4 hour rule. If there is a delay to play or suspension then a time limit of 4 hours will be imposed which includes the trial ends. I a game is not completed in that 4 hour period a minimum of 11 ends in the pairs and fours must be played to get a result.

Last night Martin McHugh played England’s Andrew Walters in a stunning singles match. It went right down to the wire with some amazing shots being played by both players. Martin eventually came out the winner with a 21-18 score line.

This morning we have the Pairs Semi-final featuring Martin McHugh and also the two semi-finals of the Senior Fours. This afternoon we should have the majority of the finals.
Lunch time at the BIBC Championships

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